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The following are resources specifically chosen to assist you in your Shakespeare project for Mr. Johnston. You may "Edit this page" to add any additional resources missing from this site, or use the "discussion" tab above to request more information, report bad links or suggest other changes, only after you register as a member of this site. I welcome your thoughtful input and feedback. -- Ms. Clothier

The information is organized into the following sections:
  1. Database resources (password required - see Mrs. Johnston)
  2. Free online resources (no password needed)
  3. Books from our library
  4. Images and media
  5. Other libraries' pathfinders
  6. Citation guide

1. Database Resources (see Mrs. Johnston or Ms. Clothier for passwords)

Nettrekker: Timeline of events, people, arts, and inventions.
Nettrekker: The author and his works - William Shakespeare.
eLibrary: Topic search: World History > Global Timeline > Early Modern Europe > Renaissance (Includes art, architecture, science, philosophy.)
eLibrary: Topic search: William Shakespeare.
ProQuest: Shakespeare and the Renaissance (full text documents only).
World Book Encyclopedia Research Guide: Links to related World Book articles, study questions, and additional resources

2. Free Online Resources

Skakespeare and His Works

Mr. Shakespeare and the Internet: a compendium of Shakespeare information, including a timeline of Shakespeare's life and works.
Shakespeare Explorer: Interactive Shakespeare site, including videos, timeline, world events, etc.
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: all the plays online and in the public domain.
Internet Shakespeare Editions: "scholarly, fully annotated texts of Shakespeare's plays, multimedia explorations of the context of Shakespeare's life and works, and records of his plays in performance"
PBS' In Search of Shakespeare: "Explore the events that shaped the man behind the words"
Shmoop's Guide to William Shakespeare

Background Information/Historical Perspective

Sixteenth Century Renaissance English Literature
Life in Elizabethan England

3. Books from Our Library

741.5 SHA Romeo & Juliet : the graphic novel
792 ALI William Shakespeare & the Globe
792 BRO Shakepeare and His Theatre
792 YAN Life in the Elizabethan Theater
820.9 AGE The Age of Shakespeare
822.3 DIC A Dictionary of Who, What, and Where in Shakespeare
822.3 ROS Shakespeare : His Work & His World
940.2 NET Life During the Renaissance
942 TRE English Social History
942.005 BRO Shakespeare and His World
B ELI Behind the Mask
B SHA Shakespeare of London
R 909 DUR The Story of Civilization
R 909.8 MID The Sixteenth Century

Please see the bookshelf in the library for the many print materials on Shakespeare and the Elizabethan era.

4. Copyright Friendly Images for Your Poster and/or Presentation

Wikimedia Commons: Category - William Shakespeare. You may have to search, but there are good images here for you to use.

And if you don't find anything there, try this: Copyright-Friendly and Copyleft Images and Sound (Mostly!)

4. Other Libraries' Pathfinders

42Explore: Shakespeare
Springfield Township HS Virtual Library: Elizabethan Resources
Lakewood City Schools Shakespeare Pathfinder: William Shakespeare, The Globe Theater, and the Elizabethan Worldview

5. Citation Guide

OWL at Purdue: MLA Formatting and Style Guide
NoodleTools: The most definitive citation builder of the online sites.